What is unique about Pathways International Consulting?

Our primary focus is service to schools; we have a comprehensive and detailed understanding of how schools operate at Board, Head, Middle Management and Teaching Staff level.

Our team is made up of successful, qualified educators with on-the-ground experience in teaching, school leadership and administration, as well as experience beyond the education sector.

Our services include:

  • Recruitment of School Leaders, Middle Managers and Teachers
  • Performance Appraisal of School Leaders, Middle Managers and Teachers
  • School Board / Council Review
  • Strategic Planning / Preferred Futures Planning
  • Organisational / Cultural Audit
  • Organisational Structure review and development
  • Departmental Review
  • Leadership Training
  • Professional Mentoring
  • Team Building
  • Personality Assessment
  • Policy Development
  • Role Descriptions
  • Client Engagement and Satisfaction Assessment through online surveys

The Pathways team know exactly how schools function. We also know personally a wide range of school personnel from all types of schools across the country.

Ask us about our services here:

“I must say that I have really enjoyed the process, and have valued the feedback that it has provided. Could you convey to the Council my thanks for the way in which they approached the time I spent with them. I found it engaging and edifying that there are people of their ilk willing to give their time in service of education. It is good to know that in the end, it boiled down to experience. I felt that I was able to give an accurate and reasonable account of myself and how I would have approached the role and the school. I appreciate the time that I was able to spend with you and with Shane during the process. It is always good to be able to talk shop and to learn from those who have been there before.”

An unsuccessful applicant regarding the Pathways recruitment process as they experienced it