Make your mark

We help connect Independent Schools with tomorrow’s parents by developing trust, recognition and a strong vision.

Schools competing in today’s independent school market require a strong brand and targeted marketing communications strategy to build the trust and assurance parents need to make the right decision for their children.

Pathways International Consulting have combined their many years of quality educational consultancy, futures planning and school leadership, with Tapestry Creative’s branding, marketing and design expertise to provide Schools with a branding, marketing and future planning solution.

Making your mark

Using concentrated and effective research and a strong, strategic vision, we can develop a complete marketing and visual communications package for your school. Making your mark for a better tomorrow by presenting your core values, building on your uniqueness and strengthening advocacy in your community.

The value in your School deserves to be communicated as clearly, consistently and assuredly as possible to connect with your intended market. Contact us and start making your mark for a better tomorrow, today.

Tapestry Creative

Tapestry Creative specialises in building brand identities and marketing communications.

We work with business management and marketing leaders to build strong, trustworthy and recognised brands.

Building on our experience with large corporations and independent schools across the globe, we’ve developed the make your mark process in conjunction with Pathways.

Specialising in brand identity design, corporate marketing communications and building market presence, Tapestry Creative can use the power and insight of your futures planning (with Pathways!) to develop a targeted marketing communications strategy.

Not only will it connect and build trust and assurance in your market, it will also look amazing.

For a confidential, no obligation chat all about making your mark call Chris today on +61 2 8011 3012 or click here to email.